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Amx1375 Amx1375 29 April 2019


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Waffenträger E 100 Waffenträger E 100 9 March 2019

Wheeled Vehicles!

Wheeled vehicles are here, introducing a whole new line of playstyle, especially aggressive scouting and flanking! Write what you think in the comments below!

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Lokorazor Lokorazor 29 September 2015

futuristic tanks?

I don't know about everybody else but I think if wargaming would add some futuristic like tanks on the game it would be so awesome, especially on consoles, Im aware of the moon event on pc but if they had that on xbox, that would be so much fun. It would be really neat shooting lasers out those big guns. If anyone knows anyone from the creators of WoT hopefully you would suggest that.

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WashingtonWD89 WashingtonWD89 27 September 2015


SAME25 : this is SAME25 lm the comander of the tank l now about all tank the armor the gun and ebything l need to now lm are one off wing man WASHINGTONWD89 he is comander well lm here ...

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Lokorazor Lokorazor 10 July 2015

xbox one

Does anyone know when World of Tanks will be available on Xbox One?

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Spartian300 Spartian300 18 May 2015

First Heavy tank kill?

Okay, so, what was it like getting your first heavy tank kill?

For me, I just felt epic, even though my team lost in the end, it was still awesome.

I was in my T-28 on xbox 360, and the game was on arctic region. Me and an M3 light tank took up a postition on next to the lake, and where on the low part of the hill, with the road. A Stug joined us. Another light tank tried to run past us, but I hit him, destroying his tracks, then finished him off. Me and that M3 got at least 4 kills between us, evenly split. I advance up the hill, and low and behold, see the heavy tank coming right at us! It was the only heavy tank in the game, and it was on the enemy team. I was now back in my last postition, and took aim, hoping for a miracle. As he comes …

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Master Ceadeus 27 Master Ceadeus 27 29 March 2014

New Templates

Hello everyone. Today is the day I address an important issue: templates.

As you all well know, every wiki uses Templates to do everything from display information, navigate, and warn to talk, greet, and have fun. This Wiki has a wide host of them already; templates like Template:Stub and Template:Tank-CB are two very good examples. However, our Tank infobox (Template:Tank) is very, very outdated and does not display nearly enough information to users looking for important details. I'm currently considering totally overhauling our current template to fit every detail on a tank; when and if this happens, I'm asking all editors except administrators to temporarily stop editing tank's pages until the template switch and update is done.

The templ…

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Nobody231 Nobody231 29 March 2014

World of Tanks Blitz Closed Beta out!

I should have posted this on 3/19/2014. The closed beta for World of Tanks Blitz is out, and I'm one of the lucky people! Currently it's out for iOS devices, version 6 and up. I know it says it's for iPads only, but that's because the text is sorta small on an iPhone or iPod touch. You can currently get it on iOS devices, like I said! Unfortunately you guys have been too slow if you haven't signed up yet...

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Master Ceadeus 27 Master Ceadeus 27 22 February 2014

World of Tanks Tour: Working Well with Artillery!

Good evening, World of Tanks players and Wikia visitors! Today, we take a look at an important in-game aspect of teamwork: artillery and team relations. You may not think much of it, but this is a commonly confused and hard to understand topic! I'm here to help sort through the confusion. Let's get to it.

  • 1 The Team and Artillery
    • 1.1 How to Properly Scout=
    • 1.2 Good Consumables and Upgrades
  • 2 Medium Lights

First things first, the Artillery's main idea and tool is their full-map-coverage ability and their remarkable characteristic of being able to fire from nearly any location (in the upper tiers, at least). Their bread and butter is by shooting at enemy tanks that are well within their own lines (or bordering, or crossing in, to friendly lines) and o…

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Master Ceadeus 27 Master Ceadeus 27 8 February 2014

World of Tanks Tour: Managing International Accounts!

Hello, World of Tanks Wiki visitors! Today, we'll be exploring a rather interesting topic that I think needs some attention: international game affairs and accounts.

Now, as many of you know, is not built upon location but rather upon language; if you want to contribute to one wiki in two different languages (like w:c:wolfenstein, with its various subdomains signifying their language, i.e., w:c:de.wolfenstein, w:c:es.wolfenstein, etc.) with just one account, that's perfectly fine! However, in World of Tanks, things are quite a bit more complicated if you want to play on both the EU and NA servers.

World of Tanks is built upon location: there are 2 pairs of the most commonly known-of servers, and these are the EU servers and the NA server…

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Nobody231 Nobody231 21 January 2014

World of Warplanes Wiki-Please Help Out Our Sister Wiki!

A wiki has been made for World of Warplanes. However, it is extremely lacking content. Please help the founder and me make that wiki a large wiki! But make sure not to leave this wiki unnoticed! The link is

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Master Ceadeus 27 Master Ceadeus 27 5 September 2013

World of Tanks Art Contest!

Hello, everyone! Today, I would like to tell you all about the newest event here at WOTWikia. We're hosting an art contest!

  • 1 Rules
  • 2 Photoshopped Images
  • 3 Awards
    • 3.1 Grand Prize
    • 3.2 Second Place
    • 3.3 Third Place

  • You must be 13 years or older to participate-sorry, folks, but this is members-only and the Terms of Use dictates that you must be thirteen or older to sign up.
  • Your image can break no copyrights-please, do not claim the images you draw as your own only-it WILL get you in trouble!
  • The image must be hand-drawn, photoshopped, or well-made. No screenshots. For appropriate Photoshopping methods and photoshop image details are found here.
  • Admins are limited to 2 images; users are limited to 3.
  • Please, do NOT assault other users in your images! They will…

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Master Ceadeus 27 Master Ceadeus 27 10 July 2013

The Servers Are Down

Hello, WOTWIKI visitors!

Some of you may have noticed that the World of Tanks servers are down. Feel free to request more information here, but please, do the administrative team a favor and don't post blogs of your own about the issues. The WOT techies are working on it quickly as possible. With any luck, we'll be blasting away our enemies again in no time!

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