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{{{hp}}} Hit Points
{{{wtlimit}}} Weight/Load limit(t)
{{{enginepwr}}} Engine Power (h.p.)
{{{speedlim}}} Speed limit (km/h)
{{{turnspeed}}} Traverse Speed (deg/s)
{{{armor}}} Hull armor (front/sides/rear mm)
{{{tarmor}}} Turret armor (front/sides/rear mm)
{{{damage}}} Standard Shell Damage
{{{pen}}} Standard Shell Penetration (mm)
{{{rof}}} Rate of Fire (rounds/min)
{{{tspeed}}} Turret Traverse speed (deg/sec)
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The {{{name}}} is a Tier {{{tier}}} Light Tanks.

Japanese Tier 3 Light Tank












Upgrades from-Ha-Go Ke-Ni Upgrades into-Ke-Ho


The Ke-Ni is a vast improvement over the Ha-Go with thicker and sloped armor. The Type 1 is an extremely refined 37mm gun that's accurate and quick firing. The speed of this tank is better than the Ha-Go by around 10km/h making for a fast scout.


Despite having a very good gun, it isn't recommended to face tanks head on. Use the speed to scout and circle large tanks. The smaller profile makes it harder to hit and easier to passive scout.

Historical Information[]

Type 98 Ke-Ni Ko, standard version

The Type 98 Ke-Ni was a design recommended to replace the older Ha-Go. Despite being a vast improvement over the Ha-Go, which only provided adequate performance, the tank was not accepted. When it was realized that the Ha-Go was vulnerable to HMG fire, they quickly put the Ke-Ni into production. However, by the end of the war, the IJN had more priority in steel and the tank was never mass-produced, approximately 100 of them were produced.