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Malinovka is a region located presumably in Europe.


Malinovka is hilly, with a massive plain to the east of the lake. It contains several good Hiding Spots in the area, such as the South Base, where one is located in a destroyed barn. It contains many windows that can be shot from.


It has many paths around and in it, mostly around the plain and lake. As of Update 9.0, there are paths leading down to the lake from the ridge above it, making it a unique place of battle. Two paths surround the lake and they lead into each other; one in the North, one in the South. Both of them lead to a large pass to the East, in which you can have a high viewpoint of nearly everything.

On a hill to the west, there is a ridge and a valley, the former of which contains the windmill and the latter containing bushes and a steep incline towards the ridge, which is roughly one tank's height above the valley. This is useful for strategy, but also presents a unique challenge; tanks with strong turrets and sides will do particularly well here.

"Camping" areas[]

There are several good "camping" areas, where enemy shots aren't likely to target you. In the lesser Southern half, there is at least one hiding place in a decrepit barn, and it is wide enough to allow ample sight of the enemy. There are many trees as well, and they are very good cover. In the lesser Northern half, the hill's town is dominant in the Northeast and there are many trees scattered, providing protection in plenty. Some of these are large trees.

This map is one of the most "campy" maps in existence, most likely due to the high amount of bushes, especially on the small hillocks in the north and south ends of the lake. This area treats artillery especially well. Most areas with one or two bushes also have two or three low-lying trees and typically one tall tree: artillery which have a wide gun traverse, as well as a small silhouette, will do well in these areas.


The North Flag can be seen easily and the base shot at from the south side; whereas from the south side it is very hard to reach the north unless you cross deadly Northern vantage points. All in all, this is not a simple Region nor is it one that you can do without any skill.