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SPG stands for "Self-Propelled-Gun". This vehicle type has seemingly "always" been available in the game (at least since Patch, the earliest documented in the official wiki).

Their general construction is akin to actual artillery weapons and other large guns of the world-war era, and thence is the name "Artillery" given to them in descriptions. They are known for their large guns and are the easiest and hardest to destroy at times, for while their armor is very light, they are also very innacurate, and this is doubled at close range. However, a close range hit from an artillery is enough to explode a full-health vehicle. Two artillery vehicles fighting is known to be quite a scene, especially if they both reload slowly. One of their major characteristics is their slow movement and small tracks; their deadliness is not measured in speed nor in hiding. Also, they are equipped with agility and can usually turn around quickly. You can always tell if an SPG is in artillery mode if their gun is aimed at an angle high upwards.


The SPG's main attack force is their massive gun. It does not reload quickly, nor does it turn quickly; however, in Artillery mode, its aim can stretch all the way across the battlefield, and oftentimes hit a hidden or otherwise unseeable (for other vehicles) vehicle.

Notes and trivia[]

  • Artillery is often shortened to arty in the in-game chat.
  • It is easiest to go away from keyboard with an artillery.
  • If an artillery is rammed, it faces a high chance of instant destruction.
  • Artillery CAN ram, but it tends to explode on contact.