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the Sand River

The Sand River is a Desert Area that has a wide, puddled river running through the middle of it. The river has roughly three useable passes and many strategic areas.


The mountains to the northeast are for the most part easy and able to be traversed and explored; it also offers very many strategic areas for artillery, tank destroyers, and tank-destroying-mediums/heavies. Because of its strategic worth, it is commonly the battleground for several skirmishes.


The river is unarguably the worst place to be at at any time; virtually any tank can try their luck with you if you try to use it as a pathway. It is typically the host of the front-lines of opposing forces, since the scattered stones and easy passes make it a perfect place for both sides to hurl lead at one-another.


The dunes are the no-man's-land of this area; they also provide a rather pesky obstacle both ways for opposing tanks, if they're not on the same side of the dune. The only tanks that do not have this obstacle are artillery.