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This article is about the Soviet medium tank. For the American TD, see T28.

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Soviet Medium Tank, Tier 4












The T-28 is a Soviet medium tank.

This tank was designed as a breakthrough tank, much like the KV-1. It appears to draw inspiration from the British A1E1 Independent with its multiple turret design. It saw action during the early days of the war to a debatable degree of effectiveness. But by 1941, its use was declared inadequate. However strange it may seem, it was quite amazing compared to the British, French, Polish, Finnish and German tanks at the time.

This tank is best described as an "odd" tank. It is one of the largest tanks in the early tiers, making it a proverbial barn door for incoming fire; a fact not helped by its rather poor armor. Having said this, it is surprisingly fast and maneuverable. Although its initial guns are weak, it can eventually equip some very effective armament. The 57mm guns are very accurate, have a fast firing rate and are probably preferred over the slightly higher-damage dealing 76mm guns. These contradictions lead to the T-28 using some rather odd tactics; it can't slug it out with the heavies and its size means speed and stealth aren't much help either. Caution and patiently-laid fire are the best policies with the T-28. Let your team mates push forward and find the enemy, then use your speed and acceleration to get to the place you're most needed and use your excellent firepower to help tip the balance. A T-28 can also be surprisingly effective scout (despite its bulk) due to its speed. The T-28 leads to the KV-1.

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