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Armored vehicles and gun carriers manufactured and fielded by Czechoslovakia during the annexation by Germany in WW2 and cold war era. They had good firepower, Very fast, But sacrifice protection and durability.

Czech Light Tanks are slower than light tanks of all nations except the early light vehicles on the French Tech Tree. However, these tanks sport decent armor and all around good firepower.

0.9.18 Czechoslovakian Tech Tree

Czech Medium Tanks are very fast, with little armor, but good guns. Three of these, the Škoda T 25, the Škoda T 50, and the TVP T 50/51, have autoloader cannons, which provide for good DPM. In the beginning, the mediums are identical to the light tanks in playstyle (supporting role), but from Tier 5 and upwards, the tanks can function as scouts and can easily flank an unaware enemy assault. These tanks also function as excellent snipers due to accurate guns, decent penetration, and good camouflage values. In fact, mediums on or above tier 6, excluding the Konštrukta T-34/100, play like the British tier 6 medium, the Cromwell. A major problem with all Czech tanks of Tier 5 and higher is the weak stock suspension, which has to be upgraded before any other upgrades can be mounted. This makes for rather painful grinds. Another issue is the vulnerability of the ammunition storage, which makes the use of wet ammo-racks almost mandatory.

Name Tank type Tier Premium/Standard
Kolohousenka Light tank I Standard
LT vz. 35 Light tank II Standard
LT vz. 38 Light tank III Standard
ST vz. 39 Medium tank IV Standard
Škoda T 24 Medium tank V Standard
Škoda T 25 Medium tank VI Standard
Škoda T 40 "Elite" Medium tank VI Premium
T-34/100 Medium tank VII Standard
TVP VTU Medium tank VIII Standard
Škoda T 50 Medium tank IX Standard
TVP T50/51 Medium tank X Standard