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Armored fighting vehicles attributed to either National Socialist (World War II) Germany and countries which that entity absorbed (such as Czechoslovakia) or the post-war Federal Republic of Germany. A disproportionate number of the most famous and celebrated vehicles in armored warfare hail from this region, making it one of the key factions in World of Tanks.

Wehrmacht tanks have an emphasis on accurate guns with smaller average calibers but good rate of fire and velocity. Their armour can grant good protection, but tends to be less thick than a comparable Russian tank, and usually less reliable due to worse sloping and angling. They are about average or slightly higher in mobility and view range, but tend to trail their American counterparts in maneuverability and are a bit heavier too. As well as this, they have large health pools. While German tanks are very specialized, there is vast selection of German tanks to fill all roles; arguably, each German tank fights in a way unique from any other one. Various famous tank project, prototype, and vehicles were build/planned in this era, With a competition from 3 Major companies; Locomotive Developer Henschel and Son (H), Motor Developer Porsche (P), And Weapon Developer Krupp (K) to design the best tank to offer the Germans Army.

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Post-War Bundeswehr tanks however follow an entirely different philosophy, favoring maneuverable, versatile platforms with balanced guns, in exchange for completely negligible armor protection. These post-war tanks are ideal support tanks but otherwise will be hard-pressed to succeed where earlier German tanks would excel.