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Armored fighting vehicles produced and fielded by Great Britain and the British Commonwealth, focused primarily on Britannic development. British tanks normally will be found with one or two great strengths and one or two great weaknesses at the same time.

The tank doctrine of the United Kingdom during World War 2 dictated that tanks be used as either infantry tanks or cruiser (cavalry) tanks. Infantry tanks were designed to move up with infantry and as a result they were characterized by their slow speed and heavy armour. Cruiser tanks were designed to act like cavalry and exploit openings in the enemy defense and as a result they were characterized by their high speed and light armour. In World of Tanks, these classifications have been applied to the standard light, medium, and heavy tank model of other nations for simplicity. Nonetheless, the British tank doctrine still applies and results in oddities like heavily armored light tanks (e.g. the Valentine) an

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d very lightly armored and fast medium tanks (e.g. the Cromwell).

Later British tanks focused on the doctrine of a universal tank. Sporting good armor, good mobility, and very high accuracy; universal tanks were designed to replace the heavy and medium tank doctrine with a tank that could do everything. The first successful British universal tank design was the heavy cruiser Centurion (Mk. 2). Its success set the precedent for later British tank designs as well as the concept of the modern main battle tank. They are the only other country to match the Germans in terms of accuracy and hit point pools. As a result of the 'universal tank' development the British medium and heavy tanks share a lot of modules at higher tiers.

Name Tank type Tier Premium/Standard
Cruiser I Light tank I Standard
Vickers Medium Mk. I Medium tank I Standard
Cruiser II Light tank II Standard
Vickers Medium Mk. II Medium tank II Standard
UC 2-pdr Tank destroyer II Standard
M2 Light tank II Standard
Loyd GC Self-Propelled Gun II Standard
Light VIC "Elite" Light tank II Premium
Cruiser III Light tank III Standard
Vickers Medium Mk. III Medium tank III Standard
Stuart I-IV Light tank III Standard
Cruiser II Light tank III Standard
Sexton II Self-Propelled Gun III Standard
Sexton I "Elite" Self-Propelled Gun III Premium
Cruiser IV Light tank IV Standard
Convenanter Light tank IV Standard
Matilda Medium tank IV Standard
Alecto Tank destroyer IV Standard
Valentine AT Tank destroyer IV Standard
Grant Medium tank IV Standard
Valentine Light tank IV Standard
Birch Gun Self-Propelled Gun IV Standard
Sentinel "Elite" Medium tank IV Premium
Churchill I Heavy tank V Standard
AT 2 Tank destroyer V Standard
Sherman III Medium tank V Standard
Cavalier Medium tank V Standard
Archer Tank destroyer V Standard
Bishop Self-Propelled Gun V Standard
Matilda BP "Elite" Medium tank V Premium
Valiant "Elite" Medium tank V Premium
Excelsior "Elite" Heavy tank V Premium
Crusader Light tank VI Standard
Cromwell Medium tank VI Standard
Churchill VII Heavy tank VI Standard
Churchill GC Tank destroyer VI Standard
AT 8 Tank destroyer VI Standard
Firefly Medium tank VI Standard
Achilles Tank destroyer VI Standard
FV304 Self-Propelled Gun VI Standard
A46 "Elite" Light tank VI Premium
Firefly VC "Elite" Medium tank VI Premium
AC 4 exp. "Elite" Medium tank VI Premium
Cromwell B "Elite" Medium tank VI Premium
A43 BP "Elite" Heavy tank VI Premium
TOG II* "Elite" Heavy tank VI Premium
Excalibur "Elite" Tank destroyer VI Premium
Setter Light tank VII Standard
Comet Medium tank VII Standard
Black Prince Heavy tank VII Standard
AT-7 Tank destroyer VII Standard
Challenger Tank destroyer VII Standard
Crusader SP Self-Propelled Gun VII Standard
AT 15A "Elite" Tank destroyer VII Premium
FV201 (A45) "Elite" Heavy tank VII Premium
Crusader 5.5-in. SP Self-Propelled Gun VII Standard
LHMTV Light tank VIII Standard
Centurion I Medium tank VIII Standard
Caernarvon Heavy tank VIII Standard
Caernarvon AX "Elite" Heavy tank VIII Premium
AT 15 Tank destroyer VIII Standard
Centurion 5/1 "Elite" Medium tank VIII Premium
Charioteer Tank destroyer VIII Standard
FV207 Self-Propelled Gun VIII Standard
Senlac "Elite" Light tank VIII Premium
FV4202 "Elite" Medium tank VIII Premium
Chieftain/T95 "Elite" Medium tank VIII Premium
Centurion 5/1 "Elite" Medium tank VIII Premium
Chimera "Elite" Medium tank VIII Premium
Turtle I "Elite" Tank destroyer VIII Premium
GSOR3301 Light tank IX Standard
Centurion 7/1 Medium tank IX Standard
Conqueror Heavy tank IX Standard
Tortoise Tank destroyer IX Standard
Conway Tank destroyer IX Standard
FV3805 Self-Propelled Gun IX Standard
Manticore "Elite" Light tank X Standard
Centurion AX Medium tank X Standard
S. Conqueror Heavy tank X Standard
Badger Tank destroyer X Standard
FV4005 Tank destroyer X Standard
Conqueror GC Self-Propelled Gun X Standard
FV215b "Elite" Heavy tank X Premium
FV215b (183) "Elite" Tank destroyer X Premium