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Armored vehicles and gun carriers manufactured and fielded by the United States of America and other North American nations such as Canada. Overall, tanks from the USA faction are exceptionally versatile, sacrificing the advantage of specialization in certain fields so as to perform adequately in any situation.

Generally speaking, American vehicles are adequate in most roles, and they are generally "Jack Of All Trades" but lack a specialization. However, they tend to perform well hull down, have good view range, and have good terrain resistance. American guns rarely have stellar penetration values, accuracy, or damage per shell for their tier, instead preferring rapid reload times. In miscellany, American vehicles tend to be larger than their counterparts, and tend to share many components such as guns, radios and engines, making research for multiple lines easy. They are a fairly easy-to-play and an easily understandable nation in comparison with other nations, but hard to master and use them to their full potential.

0.9.18 American Tank Tree

Name Tank type Tier Premium/Standard
T1 Light tank I Standard
T1 HMC Self-Propelled Gun II Standard
M2 Light Light tank II Standard
T3 HMC Tank destroyer II Standard
T2 Medium Medium tank II Standard
T2 Light "Elite" Light tank II Premium
T7 Car "Elite" Light tank II Premium
T1E6 "Elite" Light tank II Premium
M7 Priest Self-Propelled Gun III Standard
T18 HMC Self-Propelled Gun III Standard
M3 Stuart Light tank III Standard
T56 GMC Tank destroyer III Standard
M2 Medium Medium tank III Standard
Locust "Elite" Light tank III Premium
MTLS-1G14 "Elite" Light tank III Premium
M37 Self-Propelled Gun IV Standard
T82 HMC Self-Propelled Gun IV Standard
M5 Stuart Light tank IV Standard
M8A1 Tank destroyer IV Standard
T40 Tank destroyer IV Standard
M3 Lee Medium tank IV Standard
M41 HMC Self-Propelled Gun V Standard
Chaffee Light tank V Standard
M7 Light tank V Standard
T67 Tank destroyer V Standard
Wolverine Tank destroyer V Standard
M4 Medium tank V Standard
T1 Heavy Heavy tank V Standard
Ram II "Elite" Medium tank V Premium
M4A2E4 "Elite" Medium tank V Premium
T14 "Elite" Heavy tank V Premium
M44 Self-Propelled Gun VI Standard
T37 Light tank VI Standard
T21 Light tank VI Standard
Hellcat Tank destroyer VI Standard
Jackson Tank destroyer VI Standard
M4A3E8 Medium tank VI Standard
M4A3E2 Medium tank VI Standard
M6 Heavy tank VI Standard
Super Chaffee "Elite" Light tank VI Premium
Fury "Elite" Medium tank VI Premium
M12 Self-Propelled Gun VII Standard
T71 CMCD Light tank VII Standard
T71 DA Light tank VII Standard
T25/2 Tank destroyer VII Standard
T25 AT Tank destroyer VII Standard
T20 Medium tank VII Standard
T23E3 "Elite" Medium tank VII Premium
T29 Heavy tank VII Standard
T71 CMCD P "Elite" Light tank VII Premium
Scorpion "Elite" Tank destroyer VII Premium
T28 HTC "Elite" Tank destroyer VII Premium
M40/M43 Self-Propelled Gun VIII Standard
M41 Bulldog Light tank VIII Standard
T69 Medium tank VIII Standard
T28 Prot. Tank destroyer VIII Standard
T28 Tank destroyer VIII Standard
Pershing Medium tank VIII Standard
T26E4 "Elite" Medium tank VIII Premium
T32 Heavy tank VIII Standard
M46 KR "Elite" Medium tank VIII Premium
T34 "Elite" Medium tank VIII Premium
M6A2E1 "Elite" Heavy tank VIII Premium
M53/M55 Self-Propelled Gun IX Standard
T49 Light tank IX Standard
T54E1 Medium tank IX Standard
T30 Tank destroyer IX Standard
T95 Tank destroyer IX Standard
M46 Patton Medium tank IX Standard
M103 Heavy tank IX Standard
T92 HMC "Elite" Self-Propelled Gun X Standard
Sheridan Light tank X Standard
T57 Heavy "Elite" Heavy tank X Standard
T110E4 "Elite" Tank destroyer X Standard
T110E3 "Elite" Tank destroyer X Standard
M48 Patton "Elite" Medium tank X Standard
T110E5 "Elite" Heavy tank X Standard
M48/T54E2 "Elite" Medium tank X Premium
T95E6 "Elite" Medium tank X Premium