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The U.S.A. (United States of America) is a nation (tech tree) in World of Tanks. It is one of the oldest tech trees in the game. The tech tree begins with the T1 Cunningham light tank, and ends with the T110E3, T57 Heavy, T59 SPG, and two other vehicles. It is a mostly complete tech tree.


American tanks are typically painted with an olive-drab default color, being typically darker than the Soviet tree and with a slightly green tint. American tanks typically have these characteristics in battle:

  • Good speed
  • Large and efficient gun
  • Armor sloping and angles
  • Typically small stature

Light Tanks[]

American Light Tanks are renowned for their speed, guns, and ease of use, and often exemplify the paradigm of Light Tank ideology: move swiftly, shoot swiftly, return to base.

American premium Light Tanks include the...

  • M22 Locust
  • T2 Light

Medium Tanks[]

Most American Medium Tanks are relatively large, but they use their size well; most mount either howitzers or comparably large guns. The M3 Lee is an excellent example.

Heavy Tanks[]

American Heavy Tanks tend to be generally quite average, and they don't convey the same threat as heavy tanks of other nations, particularly the USSR or Germany. They aren't typically well-armored and their guns are not particularly better than others.

Tank Destroyers[]

American Tank Destroyers are fast, with great guns and little armor. However, this changes in the upper tiers, where some American TDs get much better armor and sloping while another tree gets better speed. American Tank Destroyers like the M18 Hellcat and the T18 are well-known for their absolute juggernaut-like tendencies.


Most American SPGs have a huge gun, with a good rate of fire and a decent amount of splash damage. The largest gun in the game belongs to the last SPG of this line, and the first SPG has a gun comparable to those of tier 4 and 5 medium and heavy tanks.