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Okay, so, what was it like getting your first heavy tank kill?

For me, I just felt epic, even though my team lost in the end, it was still awesome.

I was in my T-28 on xbox 360, and the game was on arctic region. Me and an M3 light tank took up a postition on next to the lake, and where on the low part of the hill, with the road. A Stug joined us. Another light tank tried to run past us, but I hit him, destroying his tracks, then finished him off. Me and that M3 got at least 4 kills between us, evenly split. I advance up the hill, and low and behold, see the heavy tank coming right at us! It was the only heavy tank in the game, and it was on the enemy team. I was now back in my last postition, and took aim, hoping for a miracle. As he comes into view, I find out it's a B1. And his turret is right in my reticle. I got him right and the turret, and he backed off. He tried to use one of his teamates wrecked tanks as cover, but when he came around, me and the Stug got him, and he backed off. I got off one more shot before he started booking it. I was scared at first, but pushed my luck, and he had low health. I went after him, and hit him right the rear. It was glorious. Working as a team, me, as a T-28, an M3 Light tank, and a Stug took down a B1 heavy tank, and killed about one third of the enemy team. We may have lost, but I am sure that the whole make shift platoon felt like it was more a of a win than a defeat.

I also was rammed by a Churchill once in my Marder 38T, or whatever it is, and did some damage before he got me, but he was pretty much stuck, and one of my teamates in a light tank popped him the rear. I had gotten two kills, so I was happy.

What was your first heavy tank kill like?